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Austin Racing Stables is a small “boutique” style training facility located at Warwick Farm.

Jarrod Austin and his team have a hands-on approach, with the philosophy that in order to realise its potential
each horse should be happy, healthy and fighting fit. 

The ability to take that extra step, ensuring every horse receives the highly individual and specialised care needed to realise its full, but not always evident potential.

A key ingredient to the stable’s racing success is that each horse is seen as an individual, with training techniques and the preparation of feeds being individually designed and prepared by Jarrod.

The welfare of stable horses after racing is of prime importance to
Jarrod and his team and every effort is made to find a new career or happy ever after home.

This degree of commitment, respect for the horse combined
with patienceand hard work, make up the key ingredients of
Austin Racing’s successful formula.

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